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DJ CIRCA - Quality Hip Hop Music DJ And Graffiti Art Since 1984


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    DJ CIRCA - A Brief History

    DJ CIRCA - A Brief History

    DJ Circa, born in Queens, New York and now living in San Diego, California, has been deejaying since

    DJ Circa, born in Queens, New York and now living in San Diego, California, has been deejaying since 1984 while he was in Queens, New York and became infatuated with the subway art that was rolling by on the trains and began doing graffiti at the young age of 12 years old. Circa then made the natural progression from the art of hip hop to the music of hip hop which grabbed his attention just as much as the New York graffiti had done but even more. So at the tender age of 12 DJ Circa began practicing his graffiti skills and also started deejaying. 2 years later in 1986 Circa began producing his own hip hop music as well. His main D.J. influences were from DJ Marley Marl and DJ Red Alert from the "Golden Era" early days of hip hop deejaying as Circa would sit in front of his boom box in Queens, New York and record these 2 now infamous deejays as they would battle it out over the radio airwaves every Friday and Saturday night, Marley Marl being on WBLS 107.5 FM and Red Alert being on 98.7 KISS FM of course playing at the same time to try to pull the most hardcore hip hop listeners in all of New York City to listen to their station. DJ Circa remembers it was the best time in hip hop and will never be duplicated, thus it was given the moniker "the Golden Era" of hip hop which Circa considers to be 1984 through 1990 of which DJ Circa was in New York in the beginning of this era to witness this whole hip hop transformation from underground happening to mainstream acceptance. DJ Circa would record these 2 DJ's and listen to the recorded tapes over and over trying to emulate these 2 deejays styles on his own home rigged equipment which consisted of 2 turntables, 1 of which he "borrowed" from his mother along with her Luciano Pavrotti and John Denver records to practice scratching on and another turntable he found at a bus stop with a mixer he "acquired" somehow...for the old school heads out there they may remember the Realistic mixer available at Radio Shack for $69.00 was DJ Circa's first mixer, and it was on, DJ Circa's love for deejaying and his bedroom DJ career began. Practicing for hours upon hours in his bedroom only coming out of his room when necessary as this hip hop "thing" had taken over his life and this DJ thing is what he knew he wanted to do for the rest of his life when he was just 12 years old. DJ Circa has enjoyed a very successful career, whether it was deejaying in top nightclubs across the country or producing tracks for some of the best emcee's and music groups, including P.O.D., historic New York Juice Crew All Stars member Craig G., Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace of Cypress Hill, legendary reggae artist Eek-A-Mouse, Suburban Noize Records artists, as well as many others. DJ Circa began traveling and touring the United States for over 2 decades living out his dream of being a well respected hip hop DJ in the hip hop genre. DJ Circa still currently DJ's special events and also still currently does hip hop and trip hop production for various groups. You can contact djcirca@mail.com for more info on bookings or interviews or anything hip hop, whether "Golden Era" knowledge or anything relating to the wonderful art of DJ'ing or graffiti, do not hesitate to get in contact.

    DJ Circa from the "Grand Vanacular And DJ Circa" album




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